Architectural Models, Modelworks Media


From 2013-2015 I worked as an Architectural Modelmaker at Modelworks Media, Dublin. I worked mostly in a team based environment, sometimes leading teams and other times working as an individual on smaller projects. I produced physical scale models for clients mostly based in London and Asia. Many of the models were interactive and provided user feedback through LED formations and touch screen controls. 

Each model came with its own unique set of problems to solve. I adapted to each project using various Modelmaking techniques. Modelmaking is about adaptation and flexibility and it was great to learn the most traditional hand techniques as well as the more modern, innovative ones. Some of the more organic, curved forms were 3D printed, some required 3D CNC milling, and the more flat surfaced models were laser cut and assembled from lots of individual parts. I prepared the 3D printed files using 3ds Max. I printed the smaller models on the in-house Form1 steriolithography 3D printer. The bigger models were printed on the more sophisticated Projet 3D printers and thus the printing was outsourced. While working at Modelworks Media, I adapted to learning every aspect of fabricating the architectural models. It was necessary to be completely flexible, here are some of the techniques and processes I used:

Laser Cutting

3D Digital Polysculpting

3D Print File Prep in 3ds Max

AutoCAD Drawing

3D and 2D CNC Milling

Workshop Machines such as Circular Saws, Bandsaw, Lathe

Silicone Moulding and Casting in Polyurethane 

Spray Gun Finishing

LED Wiring, Testing and DMX Programming


Below are some images of finished models, as well as the behind the scenes process:


Concept Models


Battersea Power Station