Photography/beginnings / by Billy Mac Donald

At the start of this year I bought myself an old Pentax 35mm slr camera. Learning the techniques involved in processing and printing has been rewarding. Film photography in particular has certain advantages and things that set it far apart from digital photography. By not being able to see the images soon after taking them, you are left to focus on the moment. When developing your rolls of film, it could be days/weeks/months after the moments captured. This really helps the process of looking objectively at your images and reading them with fresh eyes. Overall photography has really changed the way I live and the way I look at the world I live in. It's been 7 months since I've begun this journey, its only a beginning, but it is exciting just to recognize these measly beginnings. I also want to recognize my close friends who have also taken upon photography, making images and curating images. It has a profound effect on me I'm sure, even if I am not fully aware of it. It is very good to notice how everyone sees a different world, and sometimes they cross over. 

My photography blog is here

I use primarily my Pentax Spotmatic F, Olympus Om2n and my medium format Pentax 67.


I submitted some black & white 8x10 prints to the Open Gallery at D-light Studios which ran from 26-28th July.

Here's some shots of the set up