Modular Tower Workshop

National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny Arts Festival 2015


I was invited to design and lead a workshop for children aged 5-12 which was tied in with the Nine Lives architecture exhibit. Drawing from my experience as an architectural modelmaker, I built the workshop around the idea of 'Design through Making'. The children were given some basic materials and encouraged to build prototype models of houses or apartments. Without any preconceived ideas, the children were able to generate ideas from exploring the properties of the materials in a fun and experimental environment. Once they had completed their model, they each had the opportunity to stack their buildings together into a Modular Tower. The workshop gave the kids freedom to generate ideas as individuals and also collaborate as a team. 

Taking place over 3 days during the Kilkenny Arts Festival in August, I ran the workshop with support from designer Tamara Melly (who helped me in the development stages) and several volunteers from Kilkenny, interacting with over 100 children. 


Much thanks to Carrie Lynam for inviting me to create this workshop, to the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland for funding and the National Craft Gallery for hosting it.